KaiKen Society of America

We are a breed club representing the Kai Ken in the US with members from all corners of the nation, following the requirements for clubs and working toward Miscellaneous status in AKC. We formed to gather and share our love of Kai Ken and the active lifestyle we enjoy with our dogs, compile resources about the history, character, training and care of our dogs, and work together to promote a healthy and active future for the breed.

The KKSA works with the AKC Foundation Stock Service (AKC-FSS) to record dogs and to open opportunities for owners to engage in events together with their dogs, and to provide educational opportunities about the historic and devoted “Tiger Dog” of Japan. We believe in the versatility of the Kai Ken as an outdoor companion, astute hunter, adept athlete and devoted and engaging partner. The good of the breed must come first in all that we decide as a club of owners, breeders and enthusiasts, and our motto, “Kai CAN!,” reflects our optimism and initiative as we help each other, represent the breed and just delight in everything we do with our Kai.