KKSA Club Info

Kai Ken Society

     The Kai Ken Society was formally incorporated in November 2017 with the signing of the Constitution and Bylaws, but the Kai Community has been forged and growing for many years before that, largely out of the Nihon Ken Forum and Kai Ken owner groups on Facebook. A formal club allows us to advocate for the breed in the larger dog world.

     The KKSA, or Kai Society, is largely an organization that records and researches the Kai in the United States, providing fellowship and informational support to owners and breeders, as well as mobilizing to help Kai dogs in need.We encourage the highest quality relationships between owners and dogs, which are possible to achieve with Kai.  

     Membership in the KKSA is open to Kai dog owners and fanciers – the application is (HERE). Our AKC affiliation is founded on the AKC policy of accepting cross registration with all other registries that recognize the Kai Ken, allowing our breed to preserve its diversity and encourages cooperation among breeders. This means that while we have a particular interest in encouraging registration of Kai dogs with AKC and trying AKC events, ALL Kai are welcome and wanted here,and in the interest of promoting the active life that Kai thrive in, we celebrate Kai and owners playing together in any leagues, events, shows and sports, regardless if AKC, NIPPO, UKC, or various sports sanctioning orgs.

     The KKSA does not at this time conduct regular dog events, but events we know of that Kai Ken can participate in or meet and greets will be posted in the News section as well as the Kai Ken Society of America Facebook page.