Registering with AKC-FSS

We’ve discussed in the past how registering Kai dogs with AKC-FSS is beneficial to owners individually by gaining you and your dog access to AKC events, trials and titles, shows, and sports, but AKC-FSS registration also helps the breed and the club as well. One of the club goals is to open opportunities for the breed by advancing it from Foundation Stock (FSS) into Miscellaneous, which greatly adds to the number of conformation shows and participation events for Kai owners and breeders to share our breed with others.

The miscellaneous status also cements further the relationship between AKC and KKSA, further enhancing KKS’s credentials to advocate for the breed with outside organizations such as OFA (like we do with Embark, or with shelters when we need to rescue a Kai). KKSA has ticked nearly all of the boxes required by AKC but one: to move to Miscellaneous, AKC requires a minimum of 150 registered Kai. At printing, Kai Ken registrations are within only a dozen dogs of this goal. Might your Kai be the one whose registration gets us across the goal line? Here is some helpful information about how to register your Kai Ken with AKC.

Begin by checking what papers your breeder gave you with your puppy. The easiest registration is if your breeder registered the whole litter with AKC and gave you the papers to complete the registration with your name. This is simply a matter of finishing the paperwork the breeder gave you and submitting to AKC with a check for $10.


If your dog is only registered with KKA in Japan, either being an import or from a US breeder who only registers with KKA, then you will have a registration and pedigree certificate that looks like this:

KKA Registration (Yellow) + KKA Registration (White)

While AKC honors KKA registration, you do need to give them a translation so they can enter the names and KKA #s into their system, for at LEAST the 3 generations before your own dog.

You can research the pedigree in English and even download a pdf to submit by making a free account* at:

* This database was created by Shigeru Kato with the help of others, crowdfunded by NK community members, and includes data merged from Brad Anderson’s Kai Ken Database. Breeders can sign up for a Breeder account, by which they enter their litters and keep the Database up to date. Owners can help tremendously by logging in to their dog and adding info like health test results, titles, and photos. Definitely go support the NKDB and make it the best and most complete it can be!


If your Kai Ken is registered with UKC, you will have a registration that looks like one of the two below:

UKC Registration (White) or UKC Registration (Purple)

Copy both sides, but use two separate sheets of paper- page 1 is the front (your dog’s registration), page 2 (the back) has the 3 (or more) generation pedigree displayed. AKC recognizes UKC registration for the Kai Ken and certain other FSS breeds, but not most breeds.

Submitting to AKC

  1. Fill out the FSS Application Form ADFSS1
  2. Attach 2 pictures showing your whole dog. One Side View. One Front View. Both are required to be 3″x5″
3x5 Image Size

3. Fill out the $35 Registration Fee Check to AKC
4. Add KKA Registration/Pedigree and Translation OR UKC Registration and Pedigree to an envelope
5. Mail to the AKC at the following address:
P.O. Box 900058
Raleigh, NC 27675-9058

AKC Registration Confirmation

You will receive back in the mail your dog’s AKC-FSS registration, PLUS the good feeling as a Member of taking an action to help your breed and your Club make progress! Thank you! Let’s get to 150 and move Kai Ken and KKSA to phase 2 and the partnerships and projects available with it!